What is ‘Vin Dicarlo 3 Questions’ and ‘Pandora’s Box’?

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Thanks for checking out my blog, you’ve come to the right place if you are looking for a comprehensive review of Vin Dicarlo’s 3 Questions system that is in his Pandora’s Box dating guide. First and foremost, I want to clarify I will be giving you an unrestricted unbiased and honest review of Vin Dicarlo’s Padora’s Box dating guide. What you are about to read are the ESSENTIAL details you need to know before grabbing a copy of the guide yourself.

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This is a review site: So what exactly is Vin Dicarlo 3 Questions and Pandora’s Box?

It is the ultimate strategy guide to dating, seducing and having sex with any type of women. The Pandora’s Box guide teaches you how to identify any one of eight ‘ types’ of woman which Vin Dicarlo names - Playette, Social Butterfly, Hopeful Romantic, Cinderella, Private Dancer, Seductress, Connoisseur and Modern Woman. 

The guide gives an overview of each type, details her desires, how she gets what she wants and how to approach her, talk to her and keep the conversation going and how to make a real ‘ connection’ with her. The guide goes on to describe what type of body language suits her ‘ style’ best, how to start intimacy and how to have sex that she will want again and again.

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Vin Dicarlo goes into depth about the Pandora’s Box core system and explains in great detail how the system came about and how to define your goal with a women. He goes on to explore the differences between us and women, (this section was like a light bulb switching on in my head).

Sex is covered at length. Vin Dicarlo shows us how her sex line influences what we need to do to turn her on.

There is a section on reading a woman’s mind. Vin Dicarlo shows us how to read her mind in less than a minute which allows us to discover her type and know almost everything we need to know about her in order to hold a successful conversation. This section alone allows us to pin point which of the eight ‘types’ this woman fits into. We just need to take what we have learned and put it into practice.

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I have read many books and guides over the last few months on this specific topic ( How to get a girl) and don’t get me wrong, I read some super material. However this was one of the first guides I read that gave you EXACT instructions of how to seduce a woman. Vin Dicarlo’s style of explaining the process made it a very enjoyable experience. Having discovered the eight types, I take great pleasure in finding out which category every new woman I meet falls into.

Like everyone else who purchase this guide, you are looking for that EXTRA EDGE when trying to talk to woman. Remember if you get the initial contact wrong because you don’t know what type she is you will never get to be her lover.

The Pandora’s Box teaches the 3 questions you need to know to find out her type. Armed with this information any woman can be made to like you, want to listen to you and ultimately, be with you.

What are the BAD things about Vin Dicarlo 3 Questions?

Just like any product, book or guide I have ever reviewed, nothing is perfect and here are the flaws I noticed after studying the guide:

The whole guide is very long on content and some of the videos are over 35 minutes. It is like a training course which has to be studied, thought about and implemented for it to work. There are several ebooks of 20 plus pages and the final ebook- The Ultimate Strategy Guide is over 60 pages long.

And how about the GOOD things about Pandora’s Box?

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The videos are excellent. Depending on how you best learn you can watch the videos or read the text on each section- or both.

I found that having studied the whole course from start to finish – it works. I am having conversations with woman who previously would have dissed me or even ignored me completely.

The guide will apply to any man who wants to get a woman for a casual relationship, a sexual relationship or something more meaningful.

Overall, what do I think?

Vin Dicarlo’s 3 questions and his Pandora’s Box guide in my eyes is the best non-fluff and in depth guide to understanding the female mind. Vin Dicarlo, the author boasts many years as a professional in his field and it truly does show. The guide is packed from start to finish with all the tips, techniques and knowledge you will ever need to form lasting relationships with woman.

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How to talk to women so they listen to you.

Knowing how to talk to women is tough when you don’t know what to say. Picture this: She’s pretty. So pretty, she makes your heart flutter, the second your eyes meet. And then… not even a second into your conversation with her… your mind goes “blank.” You can’t think of anything to say.

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In a word, you’re “stunned.”

This has happened to me countless times. And it will happen to you many times in your lifetime as well, if you don’t know how to talk to women. Luckily for us, Vin Dicarlo and his Pandoras Box we can learn how to talk to any girl, even if she’s stunningly gorgeous. Vin Dicarlo three questions can also help you talk to women so they listen to you, like you and want to date you – whether you’ve just known her for a few hours or she’s your best friend or she’s a woman who rejected you, and you want to mend the relationship.

WHY is it so tough to talk with women you like?

The answer is: Women… no matter how pretty… are all different. No two women are the same.

And since all women come in different types, they respond differently when you talk with them differently. For example:



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A great strategy you can use with some women is to make her laugh. In fact, you can make her laugh so hard, her brain gives off chemicals called “Oxytocin.” This is good news for you because oxytocin is the same “relationship” chemical she gets HUGE doses of when she has an orgasm.

In other words, it’s as if you gave her an orgasm while you told her that really funny joke. HUGE win for you!

HOWEVER – You need to be careful. Because with some women, being too funny will land you in the friend zone. You’ll be just a friend, and never anything more. With these women, it’s better if you…


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With some women, you need to be tough, a bad boy or an alpha male. You need to lead the people around you and play by your own rules. A certain type of woman needs you to take charge, so she can feel like she fell in love with “a real man” or “a man who knows how to take charge.”

This is HIGHLY exciting for her, sexually. And it gets her incredibly aroused and turned on.

A great way to use your bad boy charm is to simply never let her get her way. This works best early on in the relationship, and on small things like deciding where to eat on a date. Find something she really wants, then pick something different.

WARNING: Some women view this as being too controlling. And it turns them off, instantly. Which is why – if your woman isn’t into funny guys or bad boys – you can try another strategy: teasing…



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This type of strategy works best on women who like to take risks and have fun. If she’s a “party girl” – she’s going to love it when you tease her. And here’s what I mean: Teasing a woman is when you poke fun at something she did… but… you did it in a “warm” way. You do it with a lot of love.

For example: Let’s say she trips over something (and doesn’t fall) or she drops whatever she’s holding. You can tease her, “You’re such a klutz!” The trick to making this kind of teasing work is giving her a big, one armed hug. You want to add some love with your teasing.

So… as you can obviously see… the way to know how to talk with women so they listen to you, like you and want to date you is simple: You need to find out which type of woman she is and then talk to her the way she likes. This is what Vin Dicarlos three questions helps you find out.

Here’s an example:

You know this woman. Maybe she’s an ex girlfriend you broke up with and can’t get over… or… she may be a woman you’ve known for years, and never quite had the courage to “come clean” to. Whatever the case, she’s very adventurous. And she’s got great sexuality.

What do you do? Simple: You use the right strategy for her personality. (In her case, you want to mix some teasing with some bad boy charm. If you’ve got a great sense of humor, that’s a plus)

How can you figure out her type of personality, without coming back to this page over and over again? And how can you get even more detailed information about a specific woman you like? Luckily for you, Vin Dicarlo three questions in Pandoras Box can show you EXACTLY how to know everything there is to know about a specific woman in your life… including… her type… and… the right strategies you need to talk with her, effectively.

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Why Single Girls Make It Hard

You might think dating is hard. And honestly, I don’t blame you…

I used to think it was a big pain myself, until I learned how to talk to women. I discovered a few secrets that changed everything-Vin DiCarlo’s 3 questions

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You can finally walk up to any single girl, start talking to her, and have her smiling and playing with her hair within seconds.

…And if you get her to show those signs, you know she’s thinking of doing a whole lot more with you later.

…But if you don’t know the secret of how to talk to any girl, then dating can feel like a minefield.

Because some single girls will take any excuse to make it difficult for you because you just don’t know how to talk to any girl.

She might act cold… Stop talking to you… She might even insult you…

..And you don’t even know what you did wrong!

And there’s more than a few ways you can mess up with a single girl.

If you don’t come on strong enough… Odds are, you’ll wind up in the “friend zone”. And you obviously don’t want that.

But if you come on too strong, you might wind up messing up even worse!

She might think you’re too forward… or even kind of a creep. And that’d ruin your chances on the spot!

But there is a really easy way to take away all of the pains of dealing with single girls. By finding out her type using Vin Dicarlo’s 3 questions.

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…And it’s actually the same trick people use to get out of the friend zone, or get their ex back once and for all!

For a lot of guys, dating is hard because they don’t understand why single girls act the way they do.

…Because once you know why they act the way they do, it’s EASY to turn it around on them.

See, a lot of the time, single girls make themselves a challenge because they feel the need to be a challenge.

They’ll be bitchy and shut guys down just because they feel like society tells them they HAVE to.

But even when women are being extra difficult, there’s a great way to get passed it and still get her number…

…Or maybe even more.

See, when a single girl is acting like a bitch, she’s usually doing it because she’s looking for a very specific kind of guy.

So she’s TRYING to shut himself out to every other kind of guy.

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Think about it…

If you’re acting like a serious, romantic Prince Charming, it’ll definitely work for some girls.

But you’ll get totally rejected by other girls who aren’t looking for someone so serious… No matter how confident you are!

Now, if you stay laid-back and cool, and make these kinds of girls laugh, they’ll love you!

But if you’re joking around too much with certain girls, they might think you can’t ever be serious…

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So if you’re wondering how to act next time you talk to a girl, just look at it this way:

Any time you’ve ever messed up or struck out with a girl, you just weren’t showing her that you’re the kind of guy she’s looking for!

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A useful article about ‘pickup lines’ inspired by Vin Dicarlo

Wouldn’t it be great if you could completely seduce a woman with one sentence and learn how to talk to any girl?

Imagine being able to drop one line that gets a girl playing with her hair, giggling, and staring into your eyes.

…She’s giving you all the signs… She’s totally into you, and anything can happen.

That’s the idea behind a “pickup line”… A single sentence that can get a girl completely attracted to you.- The attraction code by Vin Dicarlo.

If the perfect pickup line existed… You’d be able to say a simple phrase to any woman in the world…

And she’d instantly fall in love with you.

You’d have her full attention, just like that, and she’d already be falling for you.

Sadly, the “perfect pickup line” doesn’t exist…

But you can still get that reaction from any woman in the world…

In fact, if you want to, you actually can use prepared “pickup lines” … And have it actually work.

You’ll have their attention, and they’ll already like you off the bat. And whether you’re looking to get some hot, steamy action …

…Get the right girlfriend to keep by your side forever…

…Finally get out of the friend zone with that one girl who keeps you up at night…

…Or get your ex back, once and for all…

You can get any girl intensely attracted to you… Almost like she’s addicted!

There is a slight catch though…

First, you need to know what type of girl she is. And once you know what type she is, you can use a line designed to work with a “loophole” in her sexuality to grab her attention.

You can learn her type and learn how to talk to woman with Vin Dicarlo’s 3 questions.

But basically, you need to use different lines on different girls.

Think of a cute, glasses-wearing girl-next-door who works full time as an elementary school teacher.

There is a very special line you could say to her that makes her want to date you, even if you’ve never spoke before.

It just needs to be the right line… A laser-targeted line that exploits a “loophole” in female psychology… And gets her obsessed with you.

It’s a line that appeals to what a woman really wants in a man… Which is COMPLETELY different from what she says she wants.

…would the same line would work on a sexy, tattooed-up ex-stripper?

Of course it wouldn’t!

But… There’s a great, different line that would DEFINITELY work on the ex-stripper too.

See, you need different lines for different types of women because not all women are the same.

In fact, some women couldn’t be any more different!

Like an elementary school teacher and horny ex-stripper…

They don’t have the same turn ons, and they definitely don’t want men to treat them the same way.

But whatever woman you want, it’s actually REALLY easy to get her to kiss you, go on a date, or even more… As long as you know her type having used Vin Dicarlo 3 questions.

So… The same approach won’t work on every girl. But once you know what type of girl she is, you know exactly how to talk to any girl and how to get her obsessed with you.

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